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Some of our exclusive limited edition Artist Teddy Bear designs

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April 2018


Hi Bear Club Members,

Super groupAre you young enough to remember when Superman first graced the cover of a comic book many years ago or like me knew him from his weekly exploits on TV in the late 50’s?

He was the first Super Hero I can recall from my childhood and in my opinion is still the best although he has a lot of very worthy contenders for that title these days

The earliest super hero I could find reference to was Mandrake the Magician, who debuted in 1934, four years before Superman, who was probably the first popular super hero. Mandrake's super power was his ability to “make people believe anything, simply by gesturing hypnotically” but Superman could fly and do other cool stuff that I reckon makes him the champion.

DC Comics have helped create many other heroes over the years including Batman and Wonder Woman and have now licensed Gund to make these 3 heroes as teddy bears from their already popular range of Fuzzy Bears which we believe will be a real hit with the kids of today.
We also know that these are also bears that will end up with collectors for many reasons including those that collect Super Hero themed products.

Let’s move on from Super Heroes to Super exciting news and Super Specials which I know you all like.


circle_news_md_whtcircle_news_md_whtLOCAL & GLOBAL TEDDY NEWS
The good, the bad and the cuddly!

I am re-running this info from last months news for members who missed reading their newsletter.
After the big health scare earlier this month and the realisation that even for Super Heroes life is really way too short I have had a hard look at the lack of family time running our own business allows.
After much discussion with the family and consulting with lots of our members/extended bear family we have decided to cut down to only 5 days a week, we believe that by closing on Tuesday & Wednesday we will still be able to offer our award winning customer service and have the minimal impact on members and our tourism trade on the weekends.

This change will allow the entire family to have two days a week off TOGETHER, something we have never had in almost 40 years of retailing, Jan and I will also get to spend our days off together.

So effective 1st March 2018 our hours will be:-
Open - Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday - Monday 9am to 5pm - Public Holidays are 10am till 4pm unless they fall on a Tuesday or Wednesday when we are closed.

Closed - Tuesday & Wednesday - Our huge website catalogue still available 24/7

The old nursery rhyme of the three mice who ran up a clock was the inspiration for this delightful set of plush collectable mice by Charlie Bears - Hickory Dickory Doc

Originally we only had access to Dickory & Doc  and with the 3rd member of this mischievous little gang being only available to Charlie Bears Best Friends Club Members.

Well now the good news is that we have a very limited number of Hickory arriving in the next week or so.
So we can now offer you all 3 together while stocks last.

Hickory is the grey one $84.00

Dickory is the brown one $70.00

Doc is the little white one $64.00

I have created a link so you can see all 3 together to add them to the shopping cart Click here

Special offer - buy all 3 together for only $200

Please enter HDD200 in the promotional code box to get this special deal.


el19850 - yearbear 2018We have had a big demand over the past few years for bears with the years date on the foot pad.

The most popular of these has been the Steiff Cosy bear selling at $90-$100, these have been to go to bear for many grandparents wanting a nice commemorative bear for the birth of their grandchildren, other things these bears have been popular for are anniversaries, end of year events like sporting end of seasons or any thing rememberable in a particular year.

As stocks of Cosy have been hard to get and we generally run out early in the year we have developed a new design with Elka Bears.
Based on their very popular 30cm Jelly Bear we have had the year heat set onto his paw pad, he looks great and at only
$34.95 he will prove a popular alternative to Cosy

NANA’S 2018 YEAR BEAR $34.95

Click this link to order




royal-baby-3We have confirmed that Hermann will be releasing a commemorative bear to mark the birth of the latest Heir to the Throne, a little Price born to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The bear pictured above will be named when the Royals announce the babies name and he will have his name and details embroidered on his foot pads in the traditional Hermann style.

This bear will be a welcome addition to the long line of Royal Bears that Hermann have created in honor of the Royal Family and collectors of this series have already been asking if an edition was coming.

Final details on design, accessories and price will be set once the naming announcement is made, however I can confirm that an edition of only 250 bears will be available world wide, we have secured 10 at this stage and are hopeful to be offered more of the edition once Hermann collate all their orders.

The price is still to be confirmed but depending on exchange rates is expected to be around $300.

If you are interested in securing one of these bears please email or call me straight away and I will add you to the list to be contacted once all details are confirmed.
Our allocation will be offered on a first in first served basis.


19102-3_00If you are a fan of aviation themed items in particular pilot teddy bears then you are going to love Hermann’s latest release, the Candy Bomber.

2018/2019 marks the 70th anniversary of Operation Berlin Airlift.
It began on June 26, 1948 and is still today a symbol of people's desire for freedom.
During the time of the Berlin Airlift, more than 2.2 million people in West Berlin were supplied by the Western Allies by air with all the necessary food, medicines, and fuels such as coal and gasoline.
This came after Soviet occupation forces had blocked the land and water routes to West -Berlin.
The airplanes were lovingly named Rosinenbomber - Candy Bombers - by the Berlin population.
The name originated after an American pilot began tying small chocolate bars to home-made handkerchief parachutes, and then dropped them off before landing for the waving children. This action soon drew so much attention that many of his colleagues followed him.
As a result, civilian Americans collected candy to support this action. The Soviets lifted the Berlin blockade after 11 months on 12 May 1949. Then, on September 30, 1949, the Berlin Airlift operation officially ended.

This dapper Teddy is five-way jointed  He is handmade from mohair with felt paw pads and traditionally stuffed with excelsior filling. He has his pilot's cap and scarf as well as his handkerchief parachuting candy bar. His expression comes together with, a hand-stitched nose and sculpted muzzle.   

Candy Bomber is limited to only 250 world wide and could be yours for only $499 click here to order


okI have been touched by the amount of concern and caring I have received from our members after my really scary rush to hospital some weeks back.

Thank you to all who e-mailed, called and sent get well cards, it is nice to know after years of sucking up to you with big discounts, interesting newsletters and bad jokes has won me so many friends who care about my well being.

I am now on the road to recovery, under constant supervision by a team of doctors and a mostly self enforced diet I am up and about and feeling remarkably well all things considered.

8 weeks of dieting like a demon has produced a nice result, as at this morning I have lost 30.6 kg.
My back and knees as well as my heart are very thankful for this and I have a lot more energy.
My goal is to lose another 50kg but I know this will take a while and will not be an easy task, I think I have the willpower to achieve this, I just need to stop Troy having delicious smelly takeouts for lunch and all will be all right.
The family have gotten better at hiding their chocolate stashes and not eating them when I am around hence removing further temptations.



cb19741 - Lares

Charlie Bears are certainly trying hard to fill the promise of better deliveries and shorter wait times on the new 2018 ranges, by breaking the years production into 4 quarters they have better control over deliveries and we have already seen a lot of new designs arrive this year, big Lares (pictured) is one of the amazing new designs.

Now I know from the e-mails and calls I am getting daily that not every one is happy to see so many new bears arriving particularly as there are still a number of designs still outstanding from last year, some of these we have had a couple of bears arrive but are impatiently awaiting the rest of them to come through.

We have tried constantly to get a time frame from Charlie Bears but the best we get is that they are working on clearing all outstanding back orders and will do so as quickly as possible

The plush bears that have arrived this month are

Adrian - Ainsley - Brady - Higgle
Julian - Karen - Lares - Licky Tissue
Raggle - Chutney - Lime Pickle
The last of our 2018 Charlie Annual



ForbesMany new arrivals in the mohair designs have arrived this month however many designs have been completely sold out and were sent straight out to members to fill their pre-orders with none being available for the shelves.

The list below are mohair designs that we have limited stocks still available for adoption if you are quick you can add some of these to your hug

Arthur - Arnold - Cadeau - Orson
Pipkin - Rapunzel - Thumbelina Set
Hans - Odette - Forbes - Paws
Dec - The Halls

If you have pre-orders not appearing on this list please do not harass us about when they are coming as we do not know, we will advise you personally by phone or e-mail as soon as we get any information.


If you wish to look at any of the now hundreds of amazing designs currently available you can see them all in the following Charlie Bear categories...

 We now have 6 Charlie Bear Categories
Click these direct links to our catalogue categories

Charlie Bear Logo
BEARS - Charlie Bears - Baby Collection
BEARS - Charlie Bears - Bearhouse Range
BEARS - Charlie Bears - Mohair - in stock now
BEARS - Charlie Bears - Plush - in stock now

BEARS - Charlie Bears Mohair - Pre-orders
BEARS - Charlie Bears Plush - Pre-orders




This month we are featuring another 2 of our most popular brands and offering their entire current product ranges that are featured in our online catalogue and in stock now at discounted prices.



Tatty catOur ever popular fluffy grey teddies with their signature blue noses have again changed homes in Australia.

For many years they were distributed  here by RUSS until the RUSS company folded up in 2011, then the parent company of Tatty Teddies, Carte Blanche set up their own division in Australia to distribute to the growing network of stockists here.

A few months ago the parent company in the UK decided that the Australian division was not cost effective for them and they closed Carte Blanche Australia after making arrangements with one of our countries largest plush toy and giftware distributors.

As of this month Tatty Teddies will be imported and distributed in Australia by Jasnor who we get a lot of our great ranges from including Paddington, Gund Bears, Nici Bears and animals, Britto figurines and lots more.

20offAll new designs are being released for the 2018 season
so to clear space for their imminent arrival we need to clear out all current designs,
so until the 31st of May we are offering 20% off all Tatty Teddy designs currently in stock including the very cute little Blue Nosed Friends range and all Tatty Teddy Figurines.

Click here to see all Tatty Teddy designs

quote code TAT20 in the promotional code box to get your extra discount


Steiff catSTEIFF

Both our highly collectable and everyday ranges of Steiff Bears & Animals are being offered on sale until the 17th of May

Purchase any design currently in stock and you can save a generous 20% off when you use the code STEIFF20 in the promotional code box




Click here to see all Steiff Collectables
& Everyday designs



Happy_SmilieHappy_SmilieWill you be a winner in this month’s
$100 members draw?
We have another 4 x $25 Gift Certificates to win

You have to be in it to win it!!!!

Enter this months draw for your chance to win a $25 gift voucher by answering this simple question,

On what date did the Candy Bombers Air Lift officially end?
You can find the answer in this newsletter.
E-mail your answer now and don’t forget your membership number.

Happy_SmilieHappy_SmilieCongratulations to last months winners
Members Super Draw $25 Gift Certificates winners are
Angela Larsen - The Range - QLD
Penny Linegar - Newborough VIC
Jan Cotter - St Georges Basin NSW
Rachel Kay - North Caufield VIC

Regards and beary best wishes





  • Events are held through out the year as special promotions or important happenings occur, we will always give you advance notice of these special events.
  • Teddies on Parade night events start at 7pm sharp and generally run till around 9pm but this depends on how much fun our members are having.
  • It is essential to RSVP so that we can organise catering and gifts.
  • Our TEDDIES on PARADE nights are young children free events so that you and other members can relax and enjoy the bears and the company.
  • Well behaved teenagers are most welcome to attend.

So when we advertise an event why not mark your diary, RSVP and come along and have a relaxing fun night out with a great bunch of people that share your passion for collecting Teddies.


bb10068 -  Muppets AnimalFor the benefit of members old and new I would like to clarify the importance of making it known to us when you are ordering that you are in fact a member, if you cant find your number we can look it up on our computer system for you.
As we have now over 32000 customers on our lists it is hard for us to keep track of every ones status so we ask your help in providing your membership number with all inquires and orders, this way we can ensure you get the discounts or specials you are entitled to as a member of our club.
just above your name.

  • Your membership entitles you to a minimum of 5% off all regularly priced products that are not already reduced.
  • All prices in our on-line catalogue are our normal retail prices and members discounts will be deducted from these retail prices.
  • Discounts are not available for lay-bys as we incur additional costs in providing lay-by services.
  • Members discount also applies to Pre-orders placed with payment in full at the time of placing your orders.
  • Discounts do not apply to postage costs.
  • Special offers are made to members from time to time at up to 80% off retail, further discounts do not apply to these offers.
  • We always strive to offer our members the best possible value on all our teddy bears and other products, as such we are always happy to match or better any genuine advertised competitors prices. As it is impossible for us to monitor all available offers please bring it to our attention and we will see what we can do.

Many members are changing their e-mail providers or going to broadband which changes their e-mail addresses.
It is imperative that you advise us of any change in your E-mail address if you wish to continue to receive your newsletters.
We would hate to lose contact with you.

I hope you enjoy this months news and all the additions to our on-line catalogue ranges, please check back frequently for new additions that will be uploaded as they arrive.

Regards and bear hugs from all of us,
Dave, Jan, Troy & the Bears.


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