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Some of our exclusive limited edition Artist Teddy Bear designs

Nana Bear
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June 2017 Members News

Nanas Teddies 06 WebHi Bear Club Members,

Well 2017 has started out as a year of mixed emotions for me,
I find all the news reports about terrorism and the terrible things people do to people quite distressing, so much so that I am withdrawing more and more into our world of teddy bears.

I find I like the company a lot more, the bears are always a delight and the majority of our customers seem to be of a gentler kind and more fun to relate to.

I guess this is the “Teddy Bear Influence” that makes them friendlier and shall we say “more human” in the way they relate to others.
Just coming into the shop each day and spending time among the bears has a calming benefit to it

I guess the solution to this madness is to ensure everyone in the world learns the love and compassion of collecting teddy bears, a nice ideal all the same but sadly wishing it does not
make it a reality.

helpAnother issue I am facing this year is overcrowding, although our shop is quite huge by Teddy Shop standards we are fast running out of room and as our big fellows below are saying it is fast becoming standing room only as more and more bears continue to arrive.

This problem is mostly one of my own making as I cannot go to a new product release night or a trade fair without coming away with a stack of orders for new and exciting designs, the problem at present is that we need to order 12-18 months in advance with a view to knowing (or guessing) exactly how much stock will be needed when they eventually arrive and I have always erred to the side of too many is better than not enough.

However with the past few months being very quite for retailers in Australia I find the number of bears arriving is greatly outweighing the number of bears leaving so we now have a dilemma of where to house them all until they are adopted.
So in an effort to ease the pressure before we have the great teddy bear revolt of the decade we have decided to have a huge storewide warehouse clearance to make some much needed room. Read on for full for details and super specials.

Really Big Bears




Now is the time to break open those piggy banks as all this month we are offering not double but TRIPLE your normal members discounts on every item in stock that is not already on a clearance special

Offer all brands and products but is not applicable to existing orders - pre-orders - layby’s
or other promotional offers.



circle_news_md_whtcircle_news_md_whtLOCAL & GLOBAL TEDDY NEWS
The good, the bad and the cuddly!



Clemens Bears of Germany have had another of their quite quirky designs featured on the front cover of one of Europe’s leading Teddy Bear magazines the Teddy Bear Times.

This is quite an honor for Lavinia, sort of like being on the cover of Vogue Magazine for people

Clemens Bears are renown for supporting great Bear Artists like Anna Dazumal who designed Lavinia and many of the other interesting Clemens Bears we have in stock.

If you like bears that a little bit different but still have that traditional Germanic style about them the the Clemens range is a must see and with our TRIPLE MEMBERS DISCOUNT offer on this month there has never been a better time to adopt a Clemens Bear or two - we have almost 100 designs in stock.

See all our Clemens bears in stock
Quote promotional code MembersX3 for your triple discount

3piggies - Copy


CHARLIE BEAR PICNIC HAMPER PRIZE DRAW10632593_964155396944783_6099691807721951763_n






Last month we ran a special prize draw for members who purchased any Charlie Bears to go in a draw to win this special edition Picnic Hamper.
Congratulations to Ashley Parrott of Glenmore Park who purchased Dash for her Mum as a Mothers Day gift.

Members, please remember the old saying, “you have to be in it to win it” and enter our many competitions and promotions, who knows, you could be one of our next winners.



As a devoted HOLDEN FAN I was delighted to see this brand new collaboration between Jasnor and Holden resulting in a very nice gift idea for any Holden enthusiast, in fact you don’t have to be a fan to love these lions as they are very cute and cuddly.
Then there is the potential long term investment value as most branded memorabilia will go up in value.

So here’s the deal, they a limited production run so are already collectable and not expected to be available for very long
You can buy either the Red T-Shirt design or The Black Hoodie design for $37.95 each or grab both for only $70

Click here to order use promo code 2 for 70 if ordering both



deans16744 - HAPPY AND GLORIOUSAfter leading the English Teddy Bear scene for over a century Deans of England, Britain’s oldest and most respected teddy bear manufacturer has withdrawn from the general market and is no longer supplying their network of retail stores around the world.
This is already having an effect on the collectors market as these bears disappear from stockists shelves and we are already seeing an increase in auction sale price results.

This was a hard thought out decision brought out by a shrinking UK collectors market and the pressure of many shops to bring through cheaper bears which would have meant moving manufacturing from the UK to China a move that to their credit Deans did not wish to make.

Over the past few years they have let go most of their talented Artists and concentrated on in house designs made by the Miller family themselves.

The size of Deans Editions have also been shrinking in line with the UK Collectables market, only a few years ago and edition would have been 500 - 1000 pieces but in recent times editions of only 20 - 50 bears was the norm.

deans13775 - BACCHUS (2)Their recent decision to longer supply the general market place and concentrate a a small number of designs sold only to members of their Deans Direct Club Members has dumbfounded stores like us that have been long standing supporters of the Deans brand, we have a huge number of their bears in our personal collection and in my opinion the Deans styling and solid British heritage makes a Deans bear really stand out.

Although as Deans collectors we are saddened by the news that we have received our last shipments from them we wish Neil and Barbara all the best in their restructured venture, we will certainly miss having them as part of our range.

There is always a silver lining in any decision and that is all Deans bears that you currently own will now start to appreciate in value as has been the case in all instances when a quality maker has ceased producing.


We have in stock quite a good selection of interesting designs so if you would like a few more Deans Bears in your hug or maybe your first one now is the time to get in before they all disappear forever.


Click these links to See all our remaining Deans Bears in our online catalogue
Mohair designs -
Plush designs -

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Quote promotional code MembersX3
for your triple discount




After the success of their first book Love Dreams and Bears Charlie and Will have been taking another trip down memory lane with the second Charlie Bears book now released titled
There’s Always Room for One More Bear!

This book covers the 2010 ~ 2015 period, right where the last book left off, and will fill you in on all of the bear cubs and also what Charlie, Will and their team have been through along the way.

Please bear in mind that this book ONLY covers Charlie Bears and so will not include the limited edition Isabelle Collections.

With over 300 more bears than the last book, this 2nd book is sure to keep you occupied for quite some time and let you take a peak into Charlie and Will’s magical world.

Like great teddy bear books from other leading collectables companies this book is also a great investment as it will appreciate in value in years to come

Retailing for only $50 it is certainly very affordable and would make a unique Gift for any one with a passion for collecting teddy bears
Order your copies now to ensure you don’t miss out as I am sure they will sell very quickly.

Limited quantities of the first book are still available at $64.95
or you can add both to your cart now for only
$100    Click here to order - promo code book100

CB Books

With the new year well underway the new 2017 designs are starting to appear in small batches, this year Charlie have started a new system of delivery smaller shipments of a design instead of the whole order at once, this is particularly helpful if as in many cases we have ordered 100 or more of a design to get us through the year.

Having these arrive in split shipments makes it much easier to accommodate them all

The new system of making partial deliveries to the stores rather than the whole order coming at once seems to have
alleviated the really long and frustrating delays for some designs that we have sadly become used to with Charlie Bears.
Smaller more frequent deliveries are having a positive effect.

The PLUSH DESIGN bears that have arrived this month are

Alison - Andy - Chica Panther
Fenella & Faith - Lazarus
Nina - Stitch - Tatum - Tegan
Twig - Clumsy Claws - Doc Mouse
Seek Meerkat - Audrey - Shadow Panther

Although we received a large shipment of these designs with more arriving in the next few days sadly most of them are pre-sold so they will all go straight out to their new homes.
We have only a limited amount of some designs available immediately.

PaigntonAs all pre-order s are filled in the order that we receive them if you have any of these design s on pre-order and have not been contac ted yet we will be in touch when the next lot arrive with your special new friend aboard.


Paignton Red Panda
Rudd Penguin

No new mohair designs as yet this month but we are hopeful of a container due in the coming weeks, we will advise as soon as we hear anything definate as to arrivals

If you have pre-orders not appearing on this list please do not harass us about when they are coming as we do not know, we will advise you as soon as we get any information.

If you wish to look at any of the now hundreds of amazing designs currently available you can see them all in the following Charlie Bear categories...

 We now have 6 Charlie Bear Categories
Click these direct links to our catalogue categories

Charlie Bear Logo
BEARS - Charlie Bears - Baby Collection
BEARS - Charlie Bears - Bearhouse Range
BEARS - Charlie Bears - Mohair - in stock now
BEARS - Charlie Bears - Plush - in stock now

BEARS - Charlie Bears Mohair - Pre-orders
BEARS - Charlie Bears Plush - Pre-orders

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Quote promotional code MembersX3
for your triple discount



overstock_saleTHIS MONTHS


This month we are offering members TRIPLE NORMAL MEMBERS DISCOUNT on everything currently in stock and not already on sale - That’s right 15% off storewide on everything in stock now - does not apply to existing orders - pre-orders - layby’s and other promotional offers.


3piggies - CopyEverything on Sale

Quote promotional code MembersX3
for your triple discount

These unbeatable members only offers


 After clearing  over 8000 pieces at half price in the past couple of years it has come  time to clear the last of our huge Cherished Teddies stocks.

 Over 1000 pieces across almost 100 designs are now being cleared at only $10 each, many designs are normally well over $100 but now.........ALL MUST GO at only $10 each.

 Ignore the  prices on our website just use the promotional code CT10 in the enquiry  cart and we will reduce all existing prices on the ones you want to only $10 each

As you can imagine this sale will go off like a rocket so get in quick and hopefully all you select will still be available, we are updating the website every few hours and deleting the ones that are gone.

When we confirm your order please pay quickly as we are unable to reserve any pieces for very long due the the huge response we know we will get on this sale

 Click here to view the catalogue



overstock_saleCHARLIE BEAR
These delightful little ladies are smaller replicas of their original namesakes
  Charlie Bear Collectors voted on their most popular designs created during the first 10 years and these replica bears were selected to be part of the special 10th Anniversary Range with different bears available at events held around the world during the anniversary year at very special event prices

Mia $60 - Anna $65 - Isabelle $70 - Carol $75

Sale Price Offer - Any 2 for only $100
Click here to order - quote promo code event100

event bears



We are drastically overstocked on Beanie Kids including some of the retired and hard to find designs, we have a huge selection available
70+ designs to select from

Normally priced at up to $12.95

all designs clearing at

3 for $20

click here to order

Use promo code BK20


Charlie Bears have retired the entire baby organics range
So we are clearing our warehouse of all designs
All designs and sizes now HALF PRICE
Click this link to order and quote promo code CBO50


Will you be this month’s $100 Gift Certificate Winner?
You have to be in it to win it!!!!

Enter this months draw for a $100 gift voucher now by answering this simple question,

How many different discount offers are there in this months newsletter?
You can find the answer in this newsletter.
E-mail your answer now and don’t forget your membership number.

Happy_SmilieCongratulations to last months winner

$100 Members Super Draw
Lynn O’Neill of Clermont QLD who correctly identified the date that last months promotion ended


That’s it for this months newsletter

Regards and beary best wishes





  • Events are held through out the year as special promotions or important happenings occur, we will always give you advance notice of these special events.
  • Teddies on Parade night events start at 7pm sharp and generally run till around 9pm but this depends on how much fun our members are having.
  • It is essential to RSVP so that we can organise catering and gifts.
  • Our TEDDIES on PARADE nights are young children free events so that you and other members can relax and enjoy the bears and the company.
  • Well behaved teenagers are most welcome to attend.

So when we advertise an event why not mark your diary, RSVP and come along and have a relaxing fun night out with a great bunch of people that share your passion for collecting Teddies.


bb10068 -  Muppets AnimalFor the benefit of members old and new I would like to clarify the importance of making it known to us when you are ordering that you are in fact a member, if you cant find your number we can look it up on our computer system for you.
As we have now over 32000 customers on our lists it is hard for us to keep track of every ones status so we ask your help in providing your membership number with all inquires and orders, this way we can ensure you get the discounts or specials you are entitled to as a member of our club.
just above your name.

  • Your membership entitles you to a minimum of 5% off all regularly priced products that are not already reduced.
  • All prices in our on-line catalogue are our normal retail prices and members discounts will be deducted from these retail prices.
  • Discounts are not available for lay-bys as we incur additional costs in providing lay-by services.
  • Members discount also applies to Pre-orders placed with payment in full at the time of placing your orders.
  • Discounts do not apply to postage costs.
  • Special offers are made to members from time to time at up to 80% off retail, further discounts do not apply to these offers.
  • We always strive to offer our members the best possible value on all our teddy bears and other products, as such we are always happy to match or better any genuine advertised competitors prices. As it is impossible for us to monitor all available offers please bring it to our attention and we will see what we can do.

Many members are changing their e-mail providers or going to broadband which changes their e-mail addresses.
It is imperative that you advise us of any change in your E-mail address if you wish to continue to receive your newsletters.
We would hate to lose contact with you.

I hope you enjoy this months news and all the additions to our on-line catalogue ranges, please check back frequently for new additions that will be uploaded as they arrive.

Regards and bear hugs from all of us,
Dave, Jan, Troy, Shae & the Bears.


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