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Some of our exclusive limited edition Artist Teddy Bear designs

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May 2015


Hi Bear Club Members,

Sarah1In this rapidly changing world it is gratifying to see that there are still some traditions and old values that have not succumbed to the modern ways of expedience and corner cutting.

It is also interesting that support for these old values is still strong among true collectors and fans in today’s hectic and busy times.

I am talking about the art of making teddy bears in the old traditional ways started early last century and still carried out today almost the exact way that they were over 100 years ago.

Hermann Coburg of Germany are one of the worlds oldest and most respected bear makers and their outstanding attention to detail, history, quality and value have carried them through several generations of bear makers and collectors, in fact some of the current workers at Hermann are 3rd and 4th generation descendants of the original staff

Today’s collectors have a real fascination for the way that most Hermann designs tell a story, a real story of the lives and history of people and an era long past, they do it in a way that really touches the soul of what true collecting is all about.
Wonderful examples of this teddy bear magic can be found in designs like Sarah & Baby from Hermann’s Biblical Series, the back story is rich with detail and the bear itself tells part of the story in her beautiful finishing touches.

You can see her story and details on all 10 of the Biblical Series by following this link


circle_news_md_whtcircle_news_md_whtLOCAL & GLOBAL TEDDY NEWS
The good, the bad and the cuddly!

cb17996 - Remember

In the past 10 years I have been asked thousands of times about why people can not find a teddy bear like they had as a child, I am talking about bears made mostly in England in the 1940’s to the 1960’s, many askers are wanting to reconnect with a bit of their own personal history whilst others want a special gift for a new generation that they feel will share the warmth and companionship that their teddy did with them.

The sad answer to this question in it’s many forms is that “they don’t make them like they used to”

Modern materials and processes, automation and time constraints have all worked to make todays teddies quite different from their ancestors but one of our favorite teddy companies Charlie Bears have decided to create a new series of old bears.
That is modern teddies made using old patterns and styles and even some finishing techniques to create their “CLASSIC COLLECTION” which have reflective names like Thoughtful, Remember, Memories and Storyteller.

So if you are on the lookout for a bear that reminds you of “older days” then you might wish to consider this new range, you can see all of the first designs in this series by following this link






old tedWe get a lot of requests to restore old teddies but sadly we do not have a Teddy Bear Doctor on the team anymore, our Teddy Doctor retired several years ago and we have not been able to find a new one with the patience and the skills required.

Last week I had a gent call me and claimed he had a 300 year old teddy bear that needed a bit of a fix up, it had been handed down through his family and he wanted to make him new again and sell him.
I tried with no success to convince him that “Ted” could not be 300 as the first “modern style” teddy was created in 1902 by Richard Steiff in Germany making the oldest teddies in the world only 113 years old.
He insisted on me being wrong and a few days later bought “Ted” in to see me, he was quite old and very much loved, I estimated he was an English made bear from around the 1920’s certainly not the 300 years his new owner hoped he was.
After a long chat about bear values ect he left feeling I was not much of an expert because I would not confirm he had inherited a priceless antique worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

My assurances that “Ted” in fact was worth almost nothing in his very sad condition but was priceless in sentimental value fell on deaf ears and he wandered of to find another “expert” who would convert “Ted” into a fortune.

I was researching another bear on the internet and came across this picture that whilst not the same looks very much like “Ted” even missing the same arm and ears as this poor fellow.

As a footnote, bears like this are not able to be restored to original condition, the materials needed are no longer available and when new materials are used they are never the same, better to love him as he is and rejoice in his scars and imperfections as his medals of the adventures and sometimes battles he has endured in his life.


cb17934 - Charlie 2015MORE 2015 DESIGNS ARRIVING
Over the past few months we have had a steady stream of deliveries from Charlie Bears and the latest news from the Cub House is that we are expecting several new containers to arrive in the next week or two.

One is coming from England, straight from the Bearhouse with a number of designs we have previously had but sold out of, these designs will be well received by newer members who missed out on them before.

We will have a limited quantity of some great bears like Jigsaw, Mucky Pup and Puzzle accompanied by the very popular Clover Rabbit who sold out quite quickly when we had her before.

With both Mohair and plush designs Charlie Bears have been delivering only an initial burst of a small number of our orders with the balance to follow.

Some designs we have now had 3 deliveries on with still more to follow, it is not an ideal situation but at least we are seeing some stock much earlier than in previous years.
It also highlights the importance of placing pre-orders when the new designs are released as these pre-orders are always filled before any
bears are put on the shelves for sale.

cb17931 - BlogHopefully this “new” system will alleviate or even better eliminate the really long and frustrating delays we have sadly become used to with Charlie Bears.

The new designs that are arriving in the next week or so are

Beatrice - Caspian - Felipe
Henrietta - Charlie 2015

No new arrivals in the mohair designs this month, initial small amounts of many designs have arrived with the rest hopefully not too far away.
If you wish to see which bears are now in stock you can look them all up in the catalogue sections below

If you have pre-orders not appearing on this list please do not harass us about when they are coming as we do not know exact delivery dates, we will advise you as soon as we get any information.

If you wish to look at any of the now hundreds of amazing designs currently available you can see them all in the following Charlie Bear categories...

 We now have 6 Charlie Bear Categories
Click these direct links to our catalogue categories

Charlie Bear Logo
BEARS - Charlie Bears - Baby Collection
BEARS - Charlie Bears - Bearhouse Range
BEARS - Charlie Bears - Mohair - in stock now
BEARS - Charlie Bears - Plush - in stock now

BEARS - Charlie Bears Mohair - Pre-orders
BEARS - Charlie Bears Plush - Pre-orders




This month we are featuring all the brands we carry in our huge End of Financial Year Sale only available to members
 see details of your savings below.



This month we are featuring all the brands we carry in our huge End of Financial Year Sale only available to members

That means that every teddy bear, plush animal, collectable doll and figurine we have in stock is reduced for members with up to 4 times your regular members discounts

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Enter this months draw for a $100 gift voucher now by answering this simple question,

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Happy_SmilieCongratulations to last months winner

$100 Members Super Draw
Tanya McLenaghan of Bonnyrigg NSW who correctly identified the brands with bonuses offered last newsletter


Regards and beary best wishes





  • Events are held through out the year as special promotions or important happenings occur, we will always give you advance notice of these special events.
  • Teddies on Parade night events start at 7pm sharp and generally run till around 9pm but this depends on how much fun our members are having.
  • It is essential to RSVP so that we can organise catering and gifts.
  • Our TEDDIES on PARADE nights are young children free events so that you and other members can relax and enjoy the bears and the company.
  • Well behaved teenagers are most welcome to attend.

So when we advertise an event why not mark your diary, RSVP and come along and have a relaxing fun night out with a great bunch of people that share your passion for collecting Teddies.


bb10068 -  Muppets AnimalFor the benefit of members old and new I would like to clarify the importance of making it known to us when you are ordering that you are in fact a member, if you cant find your number we can look it up on our computer system for you.
As we have now over 32000 customers on our lists it is hard for us to keep track of every ones status so we ask your help in providing your membership number with all inquires and orders, this way we can ensure you get the discounts or specials you are entitled to as a member of our club.
just above your name.

  • Your membership entitles you to a minimum of 5% off all regularly priced products that are not already reduced.
  • All prices in our on-line catalogue are our normal retail prices and members discounts will be deducted from these retail prices.
  • Discounts are not available for lay-bys as we incur additional costs in providing lay-by services.
  • Members discount also applies to Pre-orders placed with payment in full at the time of placing your orders.
  • Discounts do not apply to postage costs.
  • Special offers are made to members from time to time at up to 80% off retail, further discounts do not apply to these offers.
  • We always strive to offer our members the best possible value on all our teddy bears and other products, as such we are always happy to match or better any genuine advertised competitors prices. As it is impossible for us to monitor all available offers please bring it to our attention and we will see what we can do.

Many members are changing their e-mail providers or going to broadband which changes their e-mail addresses.
It is imperative that you advise us of any change in your E-mail address if you wish to continue to receive your newsletters.
We would hate to lose contact with you.

I hope you enjoy this months news and all the additions to our on-line catalogue ranges, please check back frequently for new additions that will be uploaded as they arrive.

Regards and bear hugs from all of us,
Dave, Jan, Troy & the Bears.


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