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Collectors of



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cootie_wiggling_nose_yes_md_whtWhat are Beanie Kids all about? - click here

What are Webkinz all about? - click here

What is the FREE Nana’s Teddies KIDZ CLUB
and what benefits do members enjoy? - click here



beanie logoBeanie Kids are just the
Coolest Collectables!

beanie groupThe Original Beanie Kids are palm-sized 20 cm plush toys, under-filled with beans that retail for $11.95.

These soft, cuddly, go-anywhere plush pals all have their own names, birthdays, and their own little personalities displayed on the swing tag.

When you purchase a Beanie Kid, be sure to look after it.
The condition of your Beanie Kid and their swing tag could mean hundreds of dollars to a collector in the future.

What is it about these soft, cuddly, go-anywhere plush pals that have made them one of the hottest collectables in the world?

Beanie Kids are fun!
Beanie Kids are absolutely adorable, but they have to be played with!
piratesKids of all ages are taking Spike the Bully to school, Sammy the Punk to bed and Chuckie The Chook
adorns computer screens everywhere!

Beanie Kids are affordable!
At $11.95 at Nana's Teddies, Beanie Kids are a whole lot of fun for only a little bit of money.

Their own little personalities!
Each has their own name, birthday and zodiac sign on their swing tags

This gives the collector a date to celebrate their Beanie Kids birthdays, and find Beanie Kids with birthdays the same as their own, or their friends or family.

Authenticity look-a-likes produced by other companies should not be confused with the original Beanie Kids which bear the Skansen hang tag.

naughton with badgeRetirements - Premier Kids & Limited Editions!
Already many of the cast are retired with more designs launched all the time.
Retirements and Limited Editions will only be offered to existing Beanie Kids stockists.
Premier Kids are a very special release each month and each Beanie Kid stockist only gets a set allocation to sell. Premier Kids are then retired on their day of release and cannot be reordered.
This ensures that they fast become sought after designs and immediately go up in value on the 2nd hand collectors market.


Beanie Master - detectiveLimited edition releases are treated the same as Premier Kids and are also retired on day of release so again you need to be quick to secure one!

Original Beanie Kids are hard to find!
Demand for Beanie Kids has been so overwhelming, Skansen will be limiting the number of Beanie Kids each store can order.
This actually increases the popularity and the value of Beanie Kids as the designs become harder to find.

Beanie Kids release extremely rare and very sought after MUTATIONS from time to time.
Reverse Mutations - Chill the BearThere are two types of Mutations, both are exciting to find and not only are they a big thrill to get but are a very valuable addition to your collection.

Reverse Mutations are secretly released as a “normal release” so no one knows that they are a mutation.
Then when we reorder them they come in as a different colour combination.
This makes the reordered versions the normal design with the first delivery on day of release version an instant REVERSE MUTATION.


Sealed Bag Mutations are the rarest of them all and generally have 3 versions released all at once in a sealed foil bag to prevent peeking.
Patty the Platypus Bear sealed bag MutationsYou purchase a sealed bag at regular Beanie Kid price of $11.95 and when you open it you may get a huge surprise of finding a rare Mutation inside.
There are 3 versions, each has a distinctive difference but the main difference is the colour of his nose and sometimes he is slightly different in colour.

  • A standard design which has a black nose.
  • A Silver Mutation with a silver nose - quite rare with recent releases selling on places like Ebay for over $100 the week of release.
  • A Gold Mutation with a golden nose - very rare with only 55 released and selling at over $1100 on Ebay within a few days of their release.


Cuddly Kid - T-Bone the Dog Bear

Cuddly Kids.
Cuddly Kids are really a bigger 42 cm versions of Beanie Kids and are a great addition to your collection with a new one released every month.
Not all Beanie Kid designs are selected to become Cuddly Kids so the few that are become really collectable in no time at all.

Cuddly Kids are great value at only $34.95.



Great Big Kid - Scruffy the Puppy BearGreat Big Kids.
Great Big Kids are the biggest of them all 80 cm tall.
Only a few have been released so far with the promise of more to come.

Great Big Kids are amazing value for such a huge character at only $74.95




Find out more by visiting the BK website

bm-detectiveFind out more about Skansens Beanie Kids by visiting their
Official Beanie Kids Website where you can get all the latest news,
read jokes and stories from other BK fans, enter fun competitions
and play interactive games and much much more


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webkinz logo GANZ WEBKINZ & LIL’KINZ

Multi award winning collectable plush toys supported with a very exciting and educational virtual world on the Webkinz World Website.



Webkinz 4Webkinz World began on April 28, 2005.
It is getting bigger and better every single day!
Ganz have got a huge team of technical wizards, creative writers, awesome artists,
and terrific support people who work hard to make Webkinz World wonderful!
You never know what might happen next!

Ganz Webkinz have won numerous awards for their educational and fun outstanding achievements including the prestigious and
coveted i-Parenting Media Award.


Ganz is proud to announce that Webkinz World has been recognised by the largest Internet safety and help group WIREDSAFETY.ORG, with a Best of the web award for 2008.
12,000 kids and pre teens were polled for nominations, and over 400 sites put forward.
Parents reviewed the final 70, and then personally investigated and approved the final selections. is a 501(c)-(3) charity and the largest and oldest online safety, education and help group in the world

Ganz Webkinz & Lil’kinz pets are loveable plush pets that each come with a unique Secret Code that lets you enter Webkinz World and play online with a virtual version of your pet.
PandaWith your virtual version of your pet, you enter Webkinz World where you care for your virtual pet, answer trivia questions,
earn Kinzcash, and play the best kids games on the net.
Webkinz World is a great place to learn and play!

Firstly, you adopt your new pet and name it.
Then you can custom design a room for it.
Webkinz 3You can play games in the Arcade, or compete against other players in tournaments.
You can answer quizzes in Quizzy's Question Corner and enter contests too.
All of these things earn you Kinzcash, which you can use to go shopping for your pet in the virtual W Shop.
The W shop is the section of the Website where you can buy toys, furniture and clothes.
There are also great stories to read and fun daily activities to keep you and your new pet entertained.

Webkinz 2You can learn lots of fun facts at Quizzy's. Quizzy’s is a trivia question area.
The questions at Quizzy's are age appropriate, and most are educationally based.
There are also several arcade games that promote learning.

Lunch Letters helps children to learn how to type and spell,
Quizzy's Word Challenge aids in spelling &
Operation Gumball encourages children to think logically.
webkinz logo 2Webkinz Newz and the W Tales encourage reading, and the many contests encourage writing, creativity, and
You can learn about money in Webkinz World and by earning Kinzcash, you learn how to save and spend money.
Webkinz World also helps to teach you about responsibility, caring for a pet, and getting along with others.
The Webkinz web site has been designed for users aged 6-13+ and is intended to include content for all ages and
levels of computer skill within that range.
Ganz have designed the site to reach the widest possible audience within that range.
Ganz understand that some of the games and jobs may be difficult for younger users, but research and experience has shown that
younger audiences can quite enjoy the site with the support of an adult.
That said, Ganz have designed some of the games and jobs for younger children.
Both the Fence Painting and Shoe Store Clerk (both memory games) have proven fun and achievable by younger users.

In the Arcade, Ganz recommend for younger users Wacky Zingoz and Tulip Trouble 2.
Younger users can also enjoy all of the non-game methods of making money (earning Kinzcash), including the Wheel of WOW, Wishing Well 2 and the Care Award.
Best of all, the 5-6 year olds will love the questions designed for their age group in Quizzy's Question Corner with over 1000 age appropriate curriculum-based questions that make earning KinzCash faster than any of the games.

Webkinz 7
After all this excitement, when you have the time you can add more pets to your Webkinz world account, making a bigger, better and more exciting home for you and your pets to play in.
There are new designs released every month or so and older designs are retired making them even more collectable as they become harder to find.
You may even adopt the pet of the month giving you more activities and rare items to play with, plus don’t forget the special loot bag
you only get when adopting the pet of the month – it is filled with extra items to add to your collection.

Webkinz adoptThe Webkinz
Pet of the Month Program

Every month, Ganz celebrate a different Webkinz or Lil’ Kinz pet as PET of the MONTH (POM) on the Webkinz world site.
Adopting the POM in that month will entitle collectors to very rare and special online gifts.

POM pets must be adopted during the Pet of the Month period that they are released for to receive the online special gift.

For new adoptions only you will receive all the standard adoption gifts PLUS special exclusive items for the POM.

POM pets will receive loot bag full of surprises including bonus Kinzcash and more plus a new special Pet of the Month virtual item that can’t be purchased or won any other way!

You will also receive one of our latest special recipe foods, a W-Shop Coupon to use however you choose, and between 500 and 1000 Kinzcash as a special bonus!

Your POM pets can be purchased ahead of time but must not be registered until the start of their special month to get all the exclusive POM bonuses.

At the start of each new month, the next POM will be announced on Webkinz World to members, so you will have plenty of time to purchase the next POM pet before they all sell out.

You can adopt multiple Pet of the Month pets during their special month and receive different exclusive items.
As long as they are Pet of the Month prizes you have not yet been awarded, as you will not receive duplicated prize items.

webkinz logo 2
To take a virtual tour of Webkinz World click here


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Kidz Club Logo 300fanclub-bgNana’s Teddies KIDZ CLUB membership is open to collectors of all ages no matter if you are just starting to learn about collectables or if you have been collecting for 100 years.

The club focuses on speciality plush collectables like Skansen Beanie Kids and Ganz Webkinz PLUS anything we think might be of interest to our members.


Originally our club was exclusively for Beanie Kid Collectors but we have decided to expand it to cover all kids collectables giving even greater value to our members.

save $FREE MEMBERSHIP - Joining is easy, simply buy any Beanie Kid and Webkinz and we will give you a FREE membership to our club.

MEMBERS BENEFITS - Members enjoy a range of benefits and discounts

Beanie Kids
- members receive a 5% discount on all purchases.
Cuddly Kids & Great Big Kids members receive a 5% discount on all purchases.

Webkinz & Lil’Kinz - members receive a 5% discount on all purchases.

Store Wide Discount - Members also receive a 5% discount on all other items in our store including over 14000 bears and animals.

Members have the opportunity to enter our regular competitions, monthly Lucky Members Number Draw and product purchase promotions to win great prizes.

Members will receive invitations to attend or participate in special events throughout the year. These will include special promotional days, product bonuses and exclusive items only available at the events. We sometimes have guest appearances and photo opportunities with celebrities like the famous Beanie Master and local sporting stars.
Lucky door prizes and give-a-ways are a feature of most events.

We publish a monthly members newsletter by e-mail in which members will find all the latest news and happenings about their favourite collectables, updates on the latest releases and any special events and promotions for the month.

From time to time we negotiate special deals and bonus offers that we offer only to our members.
These great offers are published in our monthly members newsletters.

join now

So if you are not already a member with all these benefits why not take up great our FREE MEMBERSHIP OFFER and join us now?


Kidz Club Logo 300CATALOGUE




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