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Mary & ChristianNana’s Teddies & Toys
proudly introduce

Crown Princess Mary
of Denmark,

Isabella sPrince Christian
Princess Isabella.

Nana’s Teddies are pleased to announce the release of three exclusive new teddy bear designs from Hermann Coburg of Germany.

Both Crown Princess Mary of Denmark and her new Son Prince Christian and baby Princess Isabella have been designed at the request of and are available exclusively from Nana’s Teddies & Toys.
My thanks to Janelle Forsyth at Korimco the Australian distributors for her assistance in helping these bears come into being and to
M.D. Andrew Casper for liaising with Germany on this project to create these “Australian” inspired collectable teddy bears.

Only 100 of each design will be made ensuring the collectability of these wonderful bears.
Matching edition numbers are available on request when ordering all three bears.
Mary & Christian are available now and Isabella is due to arrive in Australia in October adding to the ever growing range of collectable limited edition teddy bears available at Nana’s Teddies.

Crown Princess Mary the Teddy Bear.
Princess Mary Once upon a time not very long ago in the southern land of Tasmania a young Australian girl who realised every little girls dream of becoming a princess was born.

This special teddy bear is a tribute to the idea that an ordinary Australian girl can and did meet a guy in a pub who turned out to be a royal prince charming.

Crown Princess Mary is a 38cm mohair jointed bear with firm polyester filling, dressed in a simple but elegant style that reflects her everyday Australian heritage she wears a sun hat and a string of replica pearls. A bouquet of felt flowers depicting native wattle completes the Australian link to her past before becoming the Crown Princess of Denmark, wife of Crown Prince Frederick.

A very limited edition of only 100 pieces will be made selling at $699. Each bear is individually numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Mary Donaldson - the princess.
Mary Elizabeth Donaldson was born on February 5, 1972, in Hobart, Tasmania, the youngest of Scottish-born maths professor John Donaldson and university secretary Henrietta Clark Donaldson's four children.
The princess-to-be's parents had emigrated from Edinburgh to Australia in the early Sixties, becoming citizens of the country in 1975. An avid athlete at Taroona High School, Mary was captain of the girls' hockey and swimming teams and very involved in equestrian pursuits.
She continued her education at Hobart Matriculation
College where she scored a spot on the basketball team
before wrapping up her studies at the University of Tasmania, from which she graduated in 1994 with a Bachelors degree in Commerce and Law.
The fresh-faced young graduate dived into professional life, moving to Melbourne, where she accepted a position at an international advertising agency. Her career would eventually lead her into the world of public relations, and culminate in her last pre-royal post as a project consultant for Microsoft Business Solutions in Denmark.

Her life was to change forever when she met a sporty young man who introduced himself as "Fred" at a Sydney hotel pub in October 2000.
They'd each arrived with a separate group of friends – the King of Spain's nephew, Bruno Gomez-Acebo, was the link between the two cliques but by the end of the evening Mary and Frederik were deep in conversation, seeming to have eyes only for each other. Over the next three years, the two were often seen together in both Australia and Denmark.
However, it wasn't until April 2003 that Queen Margrethe publicly acknowledged the relationship, fuelling rumours of a pending engagement. Six months later the palace announced a royal wedding would take place the following spring.
Despite having to fulfil a demanding series of requirements she agreed to relinquish her Australian citizenship, convert from her Presbyterian faith to the Danish Lutheran Church, learn fluent Danish and agree to give up her rights to the couple's children in case of divorce.
 Mary tackled the challenge of her new position with aplomb. On May 14, 2004, the pretty brunette with the captivating smile finally walked down the aisle with her prince. And the bride's wedding ensemble encompassed both her Australian heritage and the history of the family she would now be joining. A gown by Danish designer Uffe Frank was topped off with a veil first used by Crown Princess Margret of Sweden in 1905, and Mary's bouquet consisted of Australian eucalyptus – known as Snow gum – sprinkled among the palace garden's flowers.

 Prince Christian - the bear
Prince Christian Bear
Prince Christian the bear is a cute as any little prince should be, dressed in his royal blue overalls he is ready for some hugs and play time with his little Australian playmate Joey the Kangaroo.

The mohair kangaroo keeps this bears ties with his mothers Australian heritage and makes him somewhat different to other collectable teddys.

If only all little princes could stay as small and cute as this little fellow!

Prince Christian is a 38cm mohair jointed bear with firm polyester filling, his wider set eyes give him an air of childish innocence and an expression that just says hug me.

A very limited edition of only 100 pieces will be made selling at $699. Each bear is individually numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Prince Christian - Future King.
Prince Christian of Denmark (Christian Valdemar Henri John), born 15 October 2005, is the son of Crown Prince Frederik and his wife, the Australian-born Crown Princess Mary. He is a grandson of HM Queen Margrethe II of Denmark.

As their firstborn child, Prince Christian is second-in-line to the Danish throne, and will become the heir apparent when his father ascends the throne as king, or dies before Queen Margarethe. Since the 16th century, firstborn sons of Danish monarchs have traditionally been named Frederik or Christian alternately (with a break for Margrethe II, who comes after one Frederik, her father, and presumably before another, her son).

Prince Christian was born in Rigshospitalet, the Copenhagen University Hospital, at 1:57am. [1] He was healthy with an apgar score of 10 (out of 10) after 1 minute. At birth, he weighed 3.5 kg (7.7 lb) and was 51 cm (20 ins) long. At noon on the day of his birth, 21-gun salutes were fired to mark the event. At the same time, public buses and official buildings hoisted Dannebrog. At sunset later that day, beacon bonfires were put on fire all over the country, while Naval Home Guard vessels lit their searchlights and directed them towards the capital.

Prince Christian was baptised on 21 January 2006 in Christiansborg Palace Church by Bishop Erik Norman Svendsen. Christian has eight godparents. They are Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, his wife Crown Princess Mette-Marit, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, Prince Joachim of Denmark, Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece (Frederik's cousin, son of Queen Anne-Marie), Jane Stephens (Mary's oldest sister) and two friends of the couple, Jeppe Handwerk and Hamish Campbell.
His various forenames were chosen for the following reasons:
Christian is after his great-great-grandfather, King Christian X of Denmark.
Valdemar is after the former King Valdemar IV Atterdag. It is also a common royal name – both the Prince's uncle Joachim and his cousin Felix, Joachim's second son, have Valdemar as one of their names.
Henri is after his paternal grandfather, Prince Consort Henrik, whose given name was Henri.
John is after his maternal grandfather, John Donaldson.
If Prince Christian becomes king as expected, he will be known as King Christian XI of Denmark.

Princess Isabella - the bear
Princess Isabella of Denmark
Our Princess Isabella baby bear was commissioned
following on the success of our first Nana’s Teddies exclusive editions from Hermann Coburg last year, designed in honour of Crown Princess Mary of Denmark and young Prince Christian.
I have again commissioned Hermann to make the latest bear in this series for us a beautiful little sister for our young Prince Christian to play with.

We had to wait until the new Danish Princess was christened to know her name but it is with great pride that we now introduce the latest teddy in our exclusive royalty designs, Princess Isabella of Denmark.

She is a 38 cm bouncing bonny baby bear made of a luxuriously soft curly white German Mohair, her paw pads are made of white satin with her name and edition number embroidered on them in gold thread.

Strass Glass Diamond TiaraDressed simply in a very regal satin diaper and finished with a magnificent tiara studded with 90 strass glass diamonds, she certainly is a beautiful little lady destined to melt a lot of hearts.
To enhance the baby appeal of this lovely bear we have added a shimmering multifaceted Choice Crystal pacifier finished with a shiny silver embossed ring handle.
The pacifier comes surrounded by satin inside a Choice Crystal signature silver heart design box tied with a white organza and satin bow with a crystal heart on top.

Crystal pacifier sA very limited edition of only 100 pieces will be made selling at $599. Each bear is individually numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

these wonderful collectable mohair teddy bears
are handmade in Germany
and are now ready for adoption.

Princess Isabella - Princess of Denmark
On Saturday April 21, 2007 at 16.02 pm Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary gave birth to a healthy daughter.
Princess Isabella of Denmark (Isabella Henrietta Ingrid Margrethe) is the daughter of Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark and his wife, the Australian-born Crown Princess Mary.
She is the fourth grandchild and only granddaughter of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and her husband, Henrik, Prince Consort of Denmark.
She is the first female born into the Danish Royal House since the birth of Queen Anne-Marie of Greece in 1946.
The infant princess is third in line to the Danish throne, after her father and her older brother, Prince Christian.
Until her name was announced at her christening, she was being referred to as "Lillepigen" by her parents and the Danish media, an affectionate nickname meaning 'the little girl'.

The princess was born at Rigshospitalet, the Copenhagen University Hospital, at 4:02pm.
She was healthy with an apgar score of 10/10 after 1 minute.
At birth, she weighed 3.35 kg (7.4 lb) and was 50 cm (19.6 ins) tall.
At noon on 22 April, a 21-gun salute was fired from the Sixtus Battery at Holmen Naval Base in Copenhagen and from Kronborg Castle.

Her christening took place on 1 July 2007, at the chapel of Fredensborg Palace.
Her name was announced as Isabella Henrietta Ingrid Margrethe.
Her godparents are Crown Princess Mathilde of Belgium, Princess Alexia of Greece and Denmark, Dr. Nadine Johnston, Dr. Christian Buchwald, Mr Peter Heering and Mrs. Marie Louise Skeel.
She was named:
Isabella is the Italian form of the name which has many variants in different languages.
The English form is Crown Princess Mary's second name after her maternal grandmother.
There is no indication this was a factor in the choice, as Frederik and Mary told the media they had decided on it two weeks before the christening after looking at historical royal Danish names.
They chose the birth name of King Christian II's queen-consort Isabella of Habsburg.
Henrietta is for Crown Princess Mary's late mother, Henrietta Donaldson, who passed away in 1997.
Ingrid is for Crown Prince Frederik's late maternal grandmother, Queen Ingrid.
Margrethe is for Princess Isabella's paternal grandmother, Queen Margrethe of Denmark.

enquire about our special members deal when adopting all 3 of our royal teddy family and be guaranteed of matching edition numbers.Princess MaryPrince Christian BearPrincess Isabella of Denmark


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