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Some of our exclusive limited edition Artist Teddy Bear designs

Nana Bear
asks you to
“Hug your Teddies daily”

All offers and discounted specials in this Members Only Clubhouse section
are available exclusively to members of Nana’s Teddies Collectors Clubs
For details on how to join our club click on the “Free Membership Offer” tab

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August 2019


Hi Bear Club Members,

CB offerAlthough the media is constantly banging on about how bad the economy is and that retail sales in Australia are at a 20 year low Teddy Bear adoptions although much slower than previous years and well below what we would like to see are still strong.

It just continues to prove that particularly in tough times Teddy Bears are always very popular, maybe people just find comfort in hugging their bears and collectors always get a warm buzz when they add a new family member to their hug.
I know how when I am feeling down a chat and a hug with a favourite bear helps to cheer me up.

So whilst I acknowledge that money is a bit tight and members are being a hesitant in spending at the moment I would still like to encourage you to adopt some more teddies this month.

Charlie Bears are currently one of our most popular brands, little wonder as they are so cute and cuddly with lots of personality so I have selected Charlie Bears as this months members promotion.
See the section below “This Months Specials” for details on our FREE Charlie Bear Offer


circle_news_md_whtcircle_news_md_whtLOCAL & GLOBAL TEDDY NEWS
The good, the bad and the cuddly!

Jackie with Letticia
This happy lady is Jackie, she is holding her prize bear Leticia who is a Lexie Haworth 1/1 original creation.

Jackie has been a Nana’s Collectors Club Member for over 14 years and has in her wonderful collection quite a few Lexie Haworth hand made bears so was very excited when I called her with the news that she had been drawn as the winner of last months Special Members Prize Draw.

Lexie offered up Leticia valued at $369.00 as the prize to celebrate her special place in the Nana’s Teddies Family and her long 16 year association with our “new” store having the honour of cutting the ribbon at the stores opening in 2003

I sent Lexie a copy of this picture and she was very happy that Jackie, a fan and collector of Lexies Bears had won this beautiful prize.
Lexie has met Jackie several times at some of our special teddy events and they have shared some special moments “keeping the dream alive”


WoodstockIt hardly seems that 50 years has past since the world’s most famous music festival was held with most of the best bands and artists in the world at that time making an appearance.

As a teenager I recall watching the news stories about this amazing event wishing we had a concert like this in Australia, my wish came true in the 70’s when I was able to attend a 3 day rock festival at a farm near Sunbury VIC, the Sunbury Rock Festival was promoted as “Australia’s Woodstock”

Hermann Spielwaren commemorates the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock with this special limited edition Teddy bear!

On the weekend of August 15-18, 1969, over 400,000 people crowded onto a dairy farm in New York to celebrate peace and music while 32 bands performed.

This festival is widely regarded as a pivotal moment in popular music history and has achieved an almost mythical status over the years.

To celebrate this defining event in world music history, Hermann-Spielwaren has created a wonderful and highly collectable mohair Teddy bear.
He wears a patterned headband and a golden-yellow shirt which reads, "Give Bears a Chance," similar to John Lennon's famously coined phrase "Give Peace A Chance".

Woodstock is limited to only 50 bears worldwide and we have secured a few as I know we have some members that love this style of collectable bear and like me remember the days when “Hippies” brought the messages of Peace & Love” to the world.

As only a few are available you will need to be quick to secure one of the bears we have arriving in the next week or so, you can pre-order one now for only $299.00 by following this link





Alice's Bear Shop has made a great comeback!

This fantastic fun range of bears and their animals created by author Ricky Austin were originally introduced to collectors over a decade ago by the Russ Bears company.

They have remained a favourite of collectors of all ages and are now being lovingly made by Charlie Bears.

Charlie has been working with Ricky to ensure that the designs have all the original appeal as Ricky intended but added that special Charlie flavour to them.

Since their re-introduction earlier this year they again have proved as popular as the original Russ versions.
We have the full range of Alice’s bears and animals along with some special accessories and of course the great little books that were written by Ricky for each character all on our website ready for you to place your orders.

We have all designs in stock, you can order them now, by following the link below to a new Charlie Bear section of our catalogue devoted just to Alice's Bear Shop

This new section of our catalogue now makes 7 special categories devoted to Charlie Bears for you to enjoy.

Pictured is Charlie Morris hugging Alice’s Bear Shop favourite design TAT, he is just one of the great characters that have come through Alice’s Bear Shop and into the hearts of kids young and old.

My favourite from this range is Woodroofe, he is a really nice “Growler Bear” and is possibly the best priced growler on the market.
At only $75.95 he is amazing value and affordable as a special gift for anyone needing some extra hugs.



ringerAfter the departure of the Hunchback Quasimodo, the Cathedral at Notre Dame needed a new campanologist (i.e., bell ringer).
The Church advertised all over Paris, and one day a loud knock came at the bishop’s door.
When the bishop answered the door, there stood before him a giant hulk of a Grizzly Bear with no arms, and the most battered face the bishop had ever seen. “Can I help you?,” the startled bishop asked, unable to look away from the Grizzly Bear’s appearance.
“I’m here to be your bell ringer,” said the giant simply.
“But Sir Bear,” responded the bishop kindly, “you appear to have no arms.
How on earth could you ring this cathedral’s massive bronze bells?”
“I can do that with my face,” said the Giant Grizzly Bear simply
“Let me show you in the bell tower.”
So he and the bishop climb to the high bell tower, and there the giant applicant begins to batter his face with incredible force against the bells, making them ring with perfect clarity.
As they begin to ring louder and swing in broad sweeping arcs, the giant bear is forced to run full force at the bells, and bash his face into their solid bronze sides.
But as the bells arc higher and higher, the giant bear misses his timing, and accidentally runs between two bells, past the ledge of the bell tower into thin air, and hurtles to his death on the cobblestone square below!
The bishop quickly descends from the bell tower and runs toward the crumpled body of the fallen giant.
A young monsignor standing near the body at the front of a gathering crowd asks, “Bishop, pray tell, who was this Bear?”
The bishop replies,
“I didn’t get his name………… but his face sure rings a bell.”

The next day, the Bishop of Notre Dame hears another knock on his door. When he answers this time, there stands a handsome young Grizzly Bear with two tanned muscular arms.
The visitor says, “Bishop, I am the brother of the poor bear who died yesterday in hopes of becoming your bell ringer.
I’ve never done that kind of work before, but I’m strong and capable, and I’d like to take his place in order to preserve our family’s honor. Please take me on as your bell ringer.”
The bishop says, “It’s arduous work for a bear with no experience; let’s go up to the bells in the tower, and you can show me what you can do.

So up into the bell tower they climb, and the young bear grasps the ropes and begins to pull with all his might.
Slowly, but beautifully, the bells begin to peal, and move back and forth in tight rhythm and flawless loud harmony.
But as the swinging bells gain more momentum, the upward force on the ropes becomes too great the young bear is flung through the portal of the bell tower into thin air, and hurtles to his death on the cobblestone square below!
The bishop quickly descends from the bell tower and runs toward the crumpled body of the fallen applicant.
An old nun standing near the body among the gathered throng asks, “Your Excellency, as we ask God’s mercy on his soul, who was this bear?”
The bishop replies, “I don’t know his name…….but he’s a dead ringer for his brother.”


New shipments arriving weekly
bundle1As Charlie Bears were attending the Annual trade fair to show stockists the new bears scheduled for 2020 they have not been shipping as many bears this month
You are allowed to get excited as there are a lot of really nice designs coming however we again have been sworn to secrecy until the official release next February so we are not allowed to give you any details on the range.

My expectations of the delivery improvements from Charlie Bears due to their new quarterly production schedules has certainly been exceeded with almost weekly deliveries coming through and most have been close to the arrival estimates that William gave at the beginning of the year.
Now before anyone takes me to task and hangs me out to dry I accept there have been a few exceptions but in the main this year has seen some great improvements.

that have arrived since last newsletter are

Cloth Ears - Bundle
Lovell Wolf - Zig Zag Aardvark
Speedy Rabbit - Adelaide Fennec Fox
Kyra - Bear-illiant - Oona Unicorn


pocketMost of the mohair that arrived was pre-orders so went straight back out to members but we did get to top up the shelves a little with the following designs

Pocket - Bean Sprout - Mozzarella
Clothes Peg - Little Boy Blue
Tadpole - Tickled Pink - Bozo
Isabelle Masterpiece 2019

Pocket has been lovingly created using the finest Schulte mohair in goosewing greys.
He has tiny glass eyes, a hand embroidered nose and tickly toe detailing has been added to his tiny paws.
A simple organza floppy bow and shoestring necklace have been added to finish his look.

Pocket is a mohair Isabelle Minimo Collection limited edition of only 600 bears worldwide

If you have outstanding pre-orders not appearing on these lists please do not harass us about when exactly they are coming as we do not know, we will advise you as soon as we get any information.

If you wish to look at any of the now hundreds of amazing designs currently available you can see them all in the following Charlie Bear categories...

We now have 7 Charlie Bear Categories
Click these direct links to our catalogue categories

Charlie Bear LogoBEARS - Charlie Bears - Alices Bear Shop
BEARS - Charlie Bears - Baby Collection
BEARS - Charlie Bears - Bearhouse Range
BEARS - Charlie Bears - Mohair - in stock now
BEARS - Charlie Bears - Plush - in stock now

BEARS - Charlie Bears Mohair - Pre-orders
BEARS - Charlie Bears Plush - Pre-orders



Charlie2Special Members Only Offer
FREE Charlie Bear Design

Buy any 2 Charlie Bears Plush Designs
and get a third one for FREE
* The lowest priced bear will be free

You can also choose from the Bearhouse and Charlie Baby collections

Hundreds of designs to choose from - simply add the 3 designs you like to the inquiry cart and we will deduct the lowest priced one from your total

Use Promo Code Free CB
*Offer ends 31st August 2019

Offer excludes Lay-by, all Pre-order, 2019 Designs and Isabelle Collection

Cannot be used with any other discount
or promotional offer
To see all designs available Click the links below
BEARS - Charlie Bears - Baby Collection
BEARS - Charlie Bears - Bearhouse Range
BEARS - Charlie Bears - Plush - in stock now



taxI know from talking with many members that they are hanging out for their Tax Returns to arrive so they can splash out on some new bears, what a great way to spend this extra money and get some enjoyment out of your hard earned Tax Dollars.

So to help you get the most out of your return we are offering to DOUBLE your members discount to 10% off any items in stock that are not already on sale, offer excludes 2019 Charlie Bears and all Isabelle Collection

Get 10% off STOREWIDE
use code tax10 in the promo code box
*Offer ends 31st August 2019,
Excludes Lay-by, Pre-order, 2019 Charlie bears designs
and Isabelle collection

peverillHow about another great Charlie Bear from their Bearhouse Range made with kids in mind, they make really affordable presents for the whole family and friends too

I would lime to introduce you to Pevril who is part of the Bearhouse Collection

Peveril is a big cuddly 43cm bear.
He has beautiful long curly golden brown fur with contrasting cream ears and muzzle

He has long arms and legs, all the better to cuddle with.
Whilst he looks quite at home sitting on this stump to have his photo taken the stump is not for sale, you will have to go into the backyard and find him one of his own.

Charlie Bears have created this new  range of very cuddly non jointed teddies called "Bearhouse Bears" that  are perfect as everyday playmates and companions for children over 18  months.

The range is made from high quality plush furs and filled with non allergenic poly fibre and polyester pellets to add weight and  poseabilty to these delightful characters.

The range was designed by Isabelle Lee and all bears with the exception of Huggy & Cuddles are named after famous houses and castles of Great Britain.

Charlie Bear enthusiasts will also find them appealing and will want to  add them to their collections as like all Charlie Bears this new range  certainly are "Bears with Personalities" each one has his or her own  unique appeal.

Peverill is normally $42.95 but as a members only special we offer him at only $30.00
Please click this link to order him and quote the code BHB30 to get him at this price



All 30% off normal prices
You will feel blessed when you have one or more of these Holy Papal Bears in your teddy hug
Created by Hermann of Germany to mark significant dates in the Papal calender these bears start with the 1st Pope St Peter and follow the life of Pope Benedict XVI to the latest Pope Francis.
In all we have 10 very collectable designs available in this very collectable series and offer them to you at a massive 30% off their release prices to clear stock and make way for new designs
Click this link to see them all and quote code POPE30 to get the special discount prices




Happy_SmilieHappy_SmilieWill you be a winner in this month’s
$100 members draw?
We have another 4 x $25 Gift Certificates to win

You have to be in it to win it!!!!

Enter this months draw for your chance to win a $25 gift voucher by answering this simple question,

What is our special Charlie Bears Plush offer this month?
You can find the answer in this newsletter.
E-mail your answer now and don’t forget your membership number.

Happy_SmilieHappy_SmilieCongratulations to last months winners
Members Super Draw $25 Gift Certificates winners are
Sandy Goldsmith - Toongabbie - NSW
Michelle Keraitis - Kings Meadows - Tas
Sue Young - Helensburgh - NSW
Leanne Curran - Minto - NSW


Regards and beary best wishes





  • Events are held through out the year as special promotions or important happenings occur, we will always give you advance notice of these special events.
  • Teddies on Parade night events start at 7pm sharp and generally run till around 9pm but this depends on how much fun our members are having.
  • It is essential to RSVP so that we can organise catering and gifts.
  • Our TEDDIES on PARADE nights are young children free events so that you and other members can relax and enjoy the bears and the company.
  • Well behaved teenagers are most welcome to attend.

So when we advertise an event why not mark your diary, RSVP and come along and have a relaxing fun night out with a great bunch of people that share your passion for collecting Teddies.


bb10068 -  Muppets AnimalFor the benefit of members old and new I would like to clarify the importance of making it known to us when you are ordering that you are in fact a member, if you cant find your number we can look it up on our computer system for you.
As we have now over 32000 customers on our lists it is hard for us to keep track of every ones status so we ask your help in providing your membership number with all inquires and orders, this way we can ensure you get the discounts or specials you are entitled to as a member of our club.
just above your name.

  • Your membership entitles you to a minimum of 5% off all regularly priced products that are not already reduced.
  • All prices in our on-line catalogue are our normal retail prices and members discounts will be deducted from these retail prices.
  • Discounts are not available for lay-bys as we incur additional costs in providing lay-by services.
  • Members discount also applies to Pre-orders placed with payment in full at the time of placing your orders.
  • Discounts do not apply to postage costs.
  • Special offers are made to members from time to time at up to 80% off retail, further discounts do not apply to these offers.
  • We always strive to offer our members the best possible value on all our teddy bears and other products, as such we are always happy to match or better any genuine advertised competitors prices. As it is impossible for us to monitor all available offers please bring it to our attention and we will see what we can do.

Many members are changing their e-mail providers or going to broadband which changes their e-mail addresses.
It is imperative that you advise us of any change in your E-mail address if you wish to continue to receive your newsletters.
We would hate to lose contact with you.

I hope you enjoy this months news and all the additions to our on-line catalogue ranges, please check back frequently for new additions that will be uploaded as they arrive.

Regards and bear hugs from all of us,
Dave, Jan, Troy & the Bears.



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