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Some of our exclusive limited edition Artist Teddy Bear designs

Nana Bear
asks you to
“Hug your Teddies daily”

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March 2020


Hi Bear Club Members,

hatterYou would have to be as looney as a Mad Hatter, closeted away in your own head with nothing but thoughts of gloriously decadent Tea Parties not to be affected by what is happening in the real world.

After all there really is no escaping from all the terrible news happening round the world but also right in our own backyards

Nature herself seems to be caught up in some vengeful plot to make us all suffer with the recent spate of disasters from Ravaging Fires to Drenching downpours and Floods, Tsunamis, Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions.
We have seen them all in only a few short months causing all manner of havoc around the world and putting huge financial stresses on the economy, creating uncertainty and instability in its wake.

And as if that wasn’t enough, along comes the Corona Virus to send us into another spin of madness and a glimpse into what in Hollywood would surely be a box office horror movie.

But there is a silver lining to all this madness if you would only pause a minuet to see it, maybe through the eyes of a teddy bear who doesn’t seem to be bothered at all by the turmoil around them, they just sit quietly waiting for the next moment when someone picks them up for a big hug, surely in a world of hugs the madness can be kept at bay!

So if my theory withstands the tests of lunacy and is in fact correct in assuming that hugging one teddy will help the it stands to reason that hugging heaps of them could turn the tide of March Madness altogether so to this end for the rest of March I will offer you a great incentive to add lots more bears to your hug, scroll down to the section in this newsletter of “This Months Super Specials” for full details of this great offer



circle_news_md_whtcircle_news_md_whtLOCAL & GLOBAL TEDDY NEWS
The good, the bad and the cuddly!

Dr Bar
With all the “facts” buzzing about on the news and the internet it is becoming hard to differentiate the real facts from the fake news.
We have had a number of calls asking about where our bears are made and even had a few enquirers wanting to buy a bear but NOT if it came from China in case it had contracted Corona Virus!
If this wasn’t such a serious subject I would probably be rolling on the floor with laughter about the absurdity of a teddy bear catching any disease, after all in spite of many of us wanting to believe they are real they really are just Teddy Bears and as such fully immune to the ailments of us mere mortals.

I have conducted thorough research into this virus to better answer any concerns our members may have and all the experts seem to agree that the virus needs a nice warm and moist human host or occasionally a live animal to survive and that it spreads through respiratory infection of a new host, this is either airborne or touching your face with infected hands.

The virus cannot grow on an inanimate object and can only survive up to 12 hours outside a suitable host before dying.
As our teddies take weeks if not months to reach our store after leaving the factory there is no chance that they could possibly carry this disease.

I have also consulted with a leading teddy bear doctor who we flew in from Germany, after examining all our resident bears and animals Dr Bar. has assured me that they are all in good health and ready to be adopted so they may go out into the world spreading lots of hugs to help ward off the March Madness.



Charlie William & Nelson1We are getting a lot of concerned inqiries from members who have RSVP’d for next months Signing Event as the whether Will & Charlie are still coming to Australia in view of the Corona Virus outbreak.
The situation is being closely monitored and William will make a final decision later this month about the viability of safe travel or if it is more prudent to postpone the Signing Events in Australia.

Our main concern is for Will & Charlie’s well being and the well being of our members should the pandemic continue closer to the scheduled event date of April 26th, if it persists the we would support a postponement.

I will keep you all informed and will send out a special news blast once William makes his final decision





wilfy1With almost all the back orders now filled Charlie Bears are really getting organised with several deliveries of the new 2020 plush bears already in the stores.
As in past years some plush designs we only received an initial burst of a small number of our orders with the balance to follow.
There are still a few designs that are in a “rerun” situation where Charlie Bears decided to produce another batch of some very popular designs, these are slotted into production as space allows but current designs are given priority and hence the
re-runs designs may seem to be taking quite some time to arrive such as the balance of our re-run of the popular 2019 Annual Bear

The plush bears that have arrived are

Gadabout - Gumdrop- Kimberley
Mila - Willamena - Study Buddy
Charlie Annual 2020 - Milo
Wilfy - Peardrop
Grand Father of the Mountain


With the lower allocations granted to each stockist the demand for pre-orders on most of the mohair designs has increased so many designs are actually selling out on pre-order well before any are shipped to us.
This means that all that do arrive are going straight back out to members and these designs do not hit the shelves
However we do have very limited quantities of some of the following designs still available if you are quick

Bluebeary - Concerto - Feta Mouse
Halloumi Mouse - Mozzarella Mouse
Knick Knack - Madam Butterfly

If you have outstanding pre-orders not on this list please be patient until we contact you, we do not have arrival dates as yet but we will advise you as soon as we get any information from Charlie Bears.

If you wish to look at any of the now hundreds of amazing designs currently available you can see them all in the following Charlie Bear categories...

 We now have 7 Charlie Bear Categories
Click these direct links to our catalogue categories

Charlie Bear LogoBEARS - Charlie Bears - Alices Bear Shop
BEARS - Charlie Bears - Baby Collection
BEARS - Charlie Bears - Bearhouse Range
BEARS - Charlie Bears - Mohair - in stock now
BEARS - Charlie Bears - Plush - in stock now

BEARS - Charlie Bears Mohair - Pre-orders
BEARS - Charlie Bears Plush - Pre-orders



This month we are offering two great incentives for you to add some
new bears to your hug, you can select anything currently in stock

*Offer excludes Existing Orders, Lay-bys and Pre-orders
Cannot be used with any other discount or promotional offer

10%Buy any single
Bear, Animal or Doll

and get DOUBLE
normal members discount

Use Promo Code 10 off
*Offer ends 31st March 2020

Click this link to browse our huge online catalogue



Buy any 2 or more
Bears, Animals or Dolls

and get 4 times your
normal members discount

Use Promo Code 20 off
*Offer ends 31st March 2020


Remember - when you buy 2 or more
we can combine postage saving you even more dollars

*Offer excludes Existing Orders, Lay-bys and Pre-orders
Cannot be used with any other discount or promotional offer

Click this link to browse our huge online catalogue


Happy_SmilieHappy_SmilieWill you be a winner in this month’s
$100 members draw?
We have another 4 x $25 Gift Certificates to win

You have to be in it to win it!!!!

Enter this months draw for your chance to win a $25 gift voucher by answering this simple question,

How do you get 4 times your normal members discount?
You can find the answer in this newsletter.
E-mail your answer now and don’t forget your membership number.

Happy_SmilieHappy_SmilieCongratulations to last months winners
Members Super Draw $25 Gift Certificates winners are
Gail Philp -  Urana - NSW
Colleen Wilkinson - Forster - NSW
Barb Roberts - Narangba - QLD
Ashley Montgomery - Koonawarra - NSW

Regards and beary best wishes





  • Events are held through out the year as special promotions or important happenings occur, we will always give you advance notice of these special events.
  • Teddies on Parade night events start at 7pm sharp and generally run till around 9pm but this depends on how much fun our members are having.
  • It is essential to RSVP so that we can organise catering and gifts.
  • Our TEDDIES on PARADE nights are young children free events so that you and other members can relax and enjoy the bears and the company.
  • Well behaved teenagers are most welcome to attend.

So when we advertise an event why not mark your diary, RSVP and come along and have a relaxing fun night out with a great bunch of people that share your passion for collecting Teddies.


bb10068 -  Muppets AnimalFor the benefit of members old and new I would like to clarify the importance of making it known to us when you are ordering that you are in fact a member, if you cant find your number we can look it up on our computer system for you.
As we have now over 32000 customers on our lists it is hard for us to keep track of every ones status so we ask your help in providing your membership number with all inquires and orders, this way we can ensure you get the discounts or specials you are entitled to as a member of our club.
just above your name.

  • Your membership entitles you to a minimum of 5% off all regularly priced products that are not already reduced.
  • All prices in our on-line catalogue are our normal retail prices and members discounts will be deducted from these retail prices.
  • Discounts are not available for lay-bys as we incur additional costs in providing lay-by services.
  • Members discount also applies to Pre-orders placed with payment in full at the time of placing your orders.
  • Discounts do not apply to postage costs.
  • Special offers are made to members from time to time at up to 80% off retail, further discounts do not apply to these offers.
  • We always strive to offer our members the best possible value on all our teddy bears and other products, as such we are always happy to match or better any genuine advertised competitors prices. As it is impossible for us to monitor all available offers please bring it to our attention and we will see what we can do.

Many members are changing their e-mail providers or going to broadband which changes their e-mail addresses.
It is imperative that you advise us of any change in your E-mail address if you wish to continue to receive your newsletters.
We would hate to lose contact with you.

I hope you enjoy this months news and all the additions to our on-line catalogue ranges, please check back frequently for new additions that will be uploaded as they arrive.

Regards and bear hugs from all of us,
Dave, Jan, Troy & the Bears.


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