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Some of our exclusive limited edition Artist Teddy Bear designs

Nana Bear
asks you to
“Hug your Teddies daily”

All offers and discounted specials in this Members Only Clubhouse section
are available exclusively to members of Nana’s Teddies Collectors Clubs
For details on how to join our club click on the “Free Membership Offer” tab

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a_Newspaper_Boy_202Hi Bear Club Members,

This Monthly Teddy News section of your Members Clubhouse pages will host your most recent 6 months of newsletters so you can go back and refresh your thoughts on recent releases and events.

Any special offers that are not date specific within these past 6 newsletters we will gladly honour providing we still have the stock on hand so if you would like a previous offer please contact us to check availability.

All newsletters can be viewed “as is” on line, if you wish to keep them past the 6 months you can save them to your computer hard drive or print them out if you prefer.

books_search_md_whtDon’t forget when you are reading your latest newsletters to check on what this months TEDDIES on PARADE event has to offer.
We will always have lots of surprises, great deals & wonderful new teddies for you.
These event specials are available for our distant members who cant attend the event by either internet or telephone orders.

In your news I will try to keep you informed of the many happenings at Nana’s Teddies and out in the teddy bear world, new product releases and bits of trivia and other information that I think may be of interest to you.

Image_131_Always I try to add a little humour, some fantasy and a bit of silliness to what we do as I am a firm believer that as a society we all take ourselves far too seriously these days.
Collecting teddy bears is a fun pastime and the teddy world is filled with many wonderfully warm and caring people who really make having our huge teddy shop a very fulfilling way of life.
In our newsletters I hope to share some of this enjoyment with you as well as bring you lots of exciting news, interesting articles and most importantly some really great teddies at prices that will add to your teddy collecting enjoyment.

As a member of our club I welcome your input and suggestions on things you would like to see in your newsletters so feel free to drop me an E-mail any time.
I hope you enjoy our news bulletins that as always I am sitting {or sleeping} at my keyboard thinking up or researching interesting items to share with you.

Jan hard at work

Poor Jan gets all the hard work playing with the teddies while I do all the fun stuff like paying the bills, chasing up late deliveries and other really exciting office administration duties.


Regards and Beary Best Wishes,

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