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Its hard to make a search engine perfect unless you have the millions of dollars that Google have invested in their technology but you will be able to find products much easier if you follow a few simple tips on how to get the best from our new search engine.

DO NOT use purals in searching names I.E Bears or Lions
You will get a lot more results by using simply Bear or Lion

You can search by many different criteria including searches by name, brand, size range, price range, colour and any combination of these.
For example if you were looking for a bear dressed in mauve and did not know its name or maker you could search the colour field by dressed in purples and it will quickly show you all our dressed bears and animals in mauve, lilac, lavender and all shades of purple that are available.

Or if you wanted a gift and only wished to spend say $20 you can now search the price range $0-$20 and it will display everything available under $20 in lowest to highest order.

You can also use the above search parameteres for size range if you wanted a bear or animal in a particular size

If you have searched by a name or description once the initial results have displayed you can the further filter your results.
For example if you searched SETTLER BEARS you would get over 450 results.
If you wished only to see the newest season 9 bears you could type in season 9 but that would also bring up any product with SEASON in its description.

To overcome this you can add quotation marks I.E “season 9” and this would then only display the season 9 collections which are normally mixed in with all other seasons as the collections display alphabetically in each category.

The above quotation marks system will work for filtering down to any word of 4 letters or more.
However most search engines will ignore this with 3 letter words as the results displayed would be limitless.
To over come this and make searching for a 3 letter name easier we have the following solution.

If searching for a bear named Jan for example you would get results that included Jane, January and any word with the letters jan in it.
You can filter the unwanted results out in our search engine by adding a * after the 3 letter word. I.E Jan*
you will then be left with only the desired resuts of all bears named JAN.

I hope these TIPS help you to get better use of our catalogue as they help overcome some of the limitations of search engines.

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